"Chris Fitz is an immensely talented guitarist who plays with the

drive of a young Stevie Ray Vaughn, and is one of the most

underrated musicians in town. Check him out soon if you can."

~ Steve Morse, Boston Globe

  To the CFB… thanks for making our wedding a heel-kicking good time!  Truth be told, I was a little nervous.  I was afraid some of the easier-going guests wouldn’t appreciate your flavor.  Man, was I wrong!  You guys were loved by all!!  - Chip and Meg.”

"I have know Chris for years and his music is outstanding, he can play anything, but his originals are the thing. He gets the people dancing and it is never a dull moment at a Chris Fitz gig." ~ Diana Shonk, Publisher of The Blues Audience

"I hired your band dozens of times -- literally -- and every time was a great show and very evident that you and your band gave the performance all from your soul." ~ D. Aborn

  "...Everybody there had a blast. My wife didn't sit down all afternoon. Even my 6 month old granddaughter was dancing. The crowd went insane for "The Painter Gets The Blame". ~ J. Ouimette

  "Thank You! We hired The Chris Fitz Band for our wedding this year and could not have been happier! Chris played a beautiful acoustic set during the wedding procession, then the band played some light jazz and instrumentals during dinner that set the perfect tone for our wonderful evening. It wasn't until after all the typical wedding formalities were over that things really got going. They played an amazing blend of their own original music with some fantastic covers that almost blew the roof off our tent. I don't think I've ever seen a dance floor so packed for so long. What a great time! If you want to listen to the same Earth, Wind, and Fire songs and do the same Electric Slide dances you hear at every wedding, hire a DJ. If you want a truly memorable and unique wedding where everyone is guaranteed a good time, hire The Chris Fitz Band!" ~ J & K Nickerson, September 2011

" When we first started to plan this wedding I called an aquatance of mine. A DJ who had moved to LA, small time dude, but too big in his own mind to play a wedding. But the Chris Fitz band who has played with Aerosmith, Marshall Tucker and Tab Benoit was somehow not too big to play at a wedding...and blew everyone away. As Emily said "You were so right about getting his band" Everyone was stoked, with quotes like "dude where the hell did you guys find these guys". People were blown away, as they should be by such a band. All I can say is "thank you Chris and the crew for the best wedding band in history!" ~C. and E. Loeffler

"I’ve seen Chris several times since about 1998 in a wide variety of venues and I can say he and the band have never disappointed me once.   Whether there is 10 or 1,000 people in attendance, Chris always put his heart and soul into every show.  Just a tremendous triple threat…guitar, vocals, songwriting.  If you have never seen CFB, do not wait any longer!" ~J. Pancini

"I just love Chris Fitz!   My husband and a few close friends of mine call me a stalker sometimes because for a while I was seeing him fairly regularly and just couldn’t get enough of his music.  I saw him first back at The Compound in Fitchburg, Massachusetts several years ago and totally fell in love with him and his music.  So each time I go to see him I would bring my camera along…..get a million pics of him and always one of him with me.  I would then bring photos with me to the next show for an autograph and I even gave him a couple to keep, one of which he really liked because it was a picture of two of his guitars leaning up against the wall at The Compound back when he played there.  That venue was none to compare…very small club with great acoustics and just a handful of people.  He was in a mood one night and totally ripped it up and left us fairly spellbound.   Jesse James will do that to you.  He really is a great guy and plays a mean guitar.  He continues to get better and better and I follow him regularly still and will be seeing him this coming Sunday at the Bull Run.   The smile he flashes when he first sees me, because I guess I am becoming familiar to him, is so sweet and he is just such a nice guy and even outstanding performer.  I wish him much success and will hope to see him often." ~L. Gendron

"The Chris Fitz Band rocked our house was a blast and we want him back next summer!" ~J. LeClair

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